Bachelor of Theology


The Bachelor of Theology degree is a 24 unit (i.e 3 year) undergraduate award that provides a broad and coherent study of Orthodox theology and related disciplines (Biblical Studies, Theology, Humanities in the Christian Tradition, and Ministry). It is designed for those school-leavers or mature-entry students seeking an undergraduate foundation in theology. This degree prepares candidates for professional, academic, and lay Christian ministry; and for further learning beyond the degree.

Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

Award Summary: AQF Level 7

Entry Requirements

  • An Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 65, or its equivalent; or
  • Mature Age and Special Entry Admissions for those who have reached the age of 21; or
  • articulation from other Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) programs.
  • full-time: 3 years
  • part-time: 9 years
  • 216 credit points (i.e. 24 units).
English Proficiency

Applicants who have obtained qualifications from institutions where English is not the language of instruction require a minimum International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5 with no result below 6.0. Equivalent qualifications may be considered.


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College Graduate Profile

The Bachelor of Theology is a program a primary undergraduate award. It students a broad and structured study theological and related disciplines undertaken at AQF Level 7 study through a structure of majors and sub-majors. The degree is intended for both ordained and lay Christian ministries, and is also the basis for further study at postgraduate level.
Whilst the course is well suited for those seeking ordination, at all times, applicants are advised that completion of their studies does not constitute a guarantee of ordination in the Coptic Orthodox Church, or any other Church or organisation. Among other things, applicants considering ordination should keep in mind that the years of education and training at St Cyril’s serve as a period of discernment, and that ordination in the Church itself is regulated by the applicable canon law. Application of the relevant canons as well as the establishment and application of any other requirements relating to ordination lies exclusively with the competent ecclesiastical authority.


In accordance with the living tradition of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and her sister Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Bachelor of Theology program at St. Cyril’s encompasses Theological learning, spiritual formation, as well as practical aspects of ordained and lay ministry. These various aspects interpenetrate and are co-dependent. Thus, whilst acknowledging the various gifts and calling of individual students, and the need to both nurture and develop these gifts, St. Cyril’s aims for the BTh student to experience and feel the inseparability of theology and prayer, faith and works, love for God and man.


Students must be enrolled in order to undertake a unit of study. Applications for admission should be made by contacting the registrar.


Graduates will have:


  • Broad and coherent knowledge and concepts with depth in the fields of Biblical Studies, Theology, and one other discipline.
  • A thorough knowledge of theology generally that will form the basis for independent further learning.


Cognitive, communication, and technical skills in a theologically-related body of knowledge, so that they are able to:

  • process and act on theological information from a range of sources and to provide solutions to complex problems
  • critically think about and evaluate complex ideas related to Christian faith from an Oriental Orthodox perspective
  • communicate theologically-related knowledge, skills and ideas to others within the Church and the broader community.

Applications of Knowledge and Skills

  • the ability to
    • demonstrate a deep understanding of theological knowledge by applying it in Christian ministry
    • serve in a teaching or pastoral capacity within the local church community at an appropriate level.
Admission to Candidature
  1. An applicant for admission to candidature for a degree of Bachelor of Theology shall:
    1. have an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 65, or its equivalent; or
    2. have reached the age of 21 and so satisfy the requirements for Mature Age Entry; or
    3. have adequate grounds for Special Entry; or
    4. seek to articulate from other Sydney College of Divinity programs
  2. A candidate for a Bachelor of Theology shall be designated as full-time or part-time. Full-time study is defined as enrollment in three units (27 credit points) or more in a semester. Part-time enrollment is defined as less than three units (27 credit points) per semester.
  3. No candidate for the BTh may be concurrently enrolled in any other undergraduate or postgraduate course within the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) or any other tertiary institution, unless approval has been granted by the Academic Board.
  4. Applicants whose entry qualifications were obtained in an institution where English is not the language of instruction normally will be required to demonstrate competency in English by an IELTS (or equivalent) result of 6.5 with no score below 6.0 in all bands of the ‘academic format’ of the test.
  5. Application for enrolment in the bachelor program is made to the Registrar of the St. Cyril’s.
Course Structure
  1. The Bachelor of Theology requires the completion of 216 credit points (24 units) taken from appropriate SCD units. The course of studies must include 3 sub-majors and two majors of study.
    1. Sub-majors are:
      1. Biblical Studies
      2. Theology
      3. Church History
    2. Majors are:
      1. Biblical Studies
      2. Theology
      3. Church History
  2. A major in a sub-discipline requires 54 credit points from the sub-discipline, with not more than 18 credit points from 7100 level units and at least 9 credit points from 7300 level units. Under certain provisions (see clause 5 below), up to 36 credit points from8500 and 9600 level units may be included
  3. A major in a discipline requires 54 credit points from the discipline, with at least 27 credit points in one sub-discipline, with not more than 18 credit points from 7100 level units and at least 9 credit points from 7300 level units. Under certain provisions (see clause 5 below), up to 36 credit points from 8500 and 9600 level units may be included.
  4. A sub-major requires 36 credit points from units assigned to the major including no more than 18 credit points from 7100 level units and with at least one 7200 level unit.
  5. Candidates who have completed 108 credit points towards the Bachelor of Theology may select up to 36 credit points from the Schedule of 8500 and 9600 level units. Within these units, a candidate can only select up to 18 credit points of 9600 level units provided they have already completed at least a sub-major in that sub-discipline with a Grade Point Average of at least 2.0.

Please consult the registrar for more information.

Period of Candidature
  1. The period of candidature for the degree shall normally be three years full-time and up to nine years part-time.
  2. In certain circumstances the Student Administration Committee of the SCD may grant extensions.
Leave of Absence
  1. The Student Administration Committee of the SCD, at the recommendation of St. Cyril’s may grant leave of absence from the Bachelor of Theology. The period of leave shall not be counted as part of the period of candidature for the degree.
  2. The period of leave shall normally be one semester after which a candidate may apply for a further period of one semester or will be required to complete candidature.
  1. The assessment of subject units shall be in the manner approved by the Academic Board of the SCD in line with its established guidelines for assessment packages.
  2. Students may be required by the Academic Board of the SCD to present themselves for oral examination.
  3. Academic and non-academic misconduct will be penalized severely in accordance with the regulations of the SCD.
Credit for Previous Study
  1. A candidate may seek credit up to a maximum of 144 credit points in the Bachelor of Theology.
  2. Credit will be granted for units that are from an equivalent award or institution and have outcomes, content, demand hours, and assessment equivalent to that of units in the Bachelor of Theology.
Delivery of Units
  1. Units are delivered in weekly lectures on campus.
  2. Units are also offered via distance education (inline) mode. Some units may require a compulsory on-campus component.
External Studies

The requirements of specific units in majors and sub-majors can also be fulfilled if a student undertakes an equivalent unit at another member institution of the SCD or at a university or recognised tertiary institution after consultation with the Registrar and subject to Faculty approval.

Exit Points

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology may exit with:

  • a Diploma of Christian Studies provided they have met the requirements of the award.
  • Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice provided they have met the requirements of the award

The following is a sample course program for a full-time student (24 units). Also note our unit offerings vary year by year.

Semester 1, Year 1Semester 2, Year 1
T7101 - Introduction to TheologyB7120 - Introduction to the Old Testament
A7170 - New Testament GreekB7364 - Pauline Literature
B7130 - Introduction to the New TestamentT7281 - Early Church Fathers
H7110 - History of the Early ChurchW7106 - Ancient and Early Medieval Philosophy
Semester 1, Year 2Semester 2, Year 2
A7110 - Introduction to Biblical HebrewT7333 - The Trinity
B7214 - PentateuchT7382 - Early Byzantine Patristic Theology
L7100 - Introduction to Christian WorshipE7100 - Sources and Principles of Christian Ethics
P7101 - Introduction to Pastoral Theology and MinistryB7254 - Synoptic Gospels
Semester 1, Year 3Semester 2, Year 3
B7368 - Johannine LiteratureB7231 - Prophetic Literature
A7170 - New Testament GreekT7383 - Later Byzantine Patristic Theology
T7217 - The ChurchH7361 - Modern Orthodox Christian History
T7305 - Christian ApologeticsX7391 - Research Project



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