B7120 – Introduction to the Old Testament

B7120 – Introduction to the Old Testament

Unit Code


Unit Name

Introduction to the Old Testament (undergraduate)

Unit Weighting

9 Credit Points

Type of Unit


Prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions


Academic Staff

Rev. Fr. Rafael Iskander B.Pharm (USYD), MTh (USYD), Diploma of Counselling ( AIPC)

Curriculum Objectives

This course unit aims to introduce students to the literary forms, historical and cultural contexts and theological themes of the Old Testament. It seeks to provide a foundation for further biblical and theological study.

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a general understanding of the overall structure and contents of the old testament.

2.Identify the literary shape, themes, social and historical background of the individual books of the Old testament.

3.Employ critical methodologies in the interpretation of Old Testament texts.

4.Access secondary literature.

5. Convey the relevance of the Old Testament to Christian life and the contemporary world.

During this course unit, students may acquire the following threshold concept. This concept is fundamental to a proper understanding of the unit or course. It is essential for further progress in the discipline. It is often troublesome for students. The books of the Old Testament are works of literature ,written and received in a particular historical period, for a distinct religious purpose


1. Texts of the Old Testament

2. Introduction to the Canon

3. Biblical Archaeology and Geography of Old times.

4. Introductory Questions of the Old Testament

5. Structure and Outline of the major books of the Old Testament

6. Literary Genres of the Old Testament Literature

7. Key theological themes of the Old Testament collection

8. Critical approaches to the Old Testament interpretation



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