B8364 – Pauline Literature

B8364 – Pauline Literature

Unit Code


Unit Name

Pauline Literature (postgraduate)

Unit Weighting

9 Credit Points

Type of Unit


Prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions


Academic Staff

Rev Fr. Dr. Daniel Fanous BE (UNSW), MBBS (USYD), MTh (UON), PhD Theology (UON candidate)

Curriculum Objectives

This course unit examines the literature and theological content of Paul, with due consideration of their historical, cultural and religious settings. It will also seek to develop a patristic, Orthodox, and authentic understanding of the Pauline corpus.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. describe the various social, cultural and pastoral contexts of each of Paul’s letters
  2. identify the key Pauline theological themes
  3. demonstrate well-developed hermeneutical and exegetical skills in critical essays on
  4. selected passages from the Pauline letters
  5. integrate significant secondary literature into the critical study of Pauline literature
  6. incorporate insights from Pauline literature to a range of life and ministry situations
  1. Paul’s background and conversion
  2. Introduction to the Pauline literature: historical, geographical, social and religious factors
  3. Literary structure, style and purpose of the Pauline letters
  4. Key Pauline theological themes
  5. Exegesis of selected passages from the Pauline literature
  6. The ‘new perspective’ debate in current scholarship
Unit Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Introduction to course unit; Who is Paul?
Week 2 1 & 2 Thessalonians
Week 3 1 Corinthians
Week 4 2 Corinthians
Minor Assignment 1
Week 5 Philippians
Week 6 Galatians
Week 7 Romans
Week 8 Romans (cont)
Minor Assignment 2
Week 9 Theological Theme 1: Baptism & Ascetical Theology
Week 10 Theological Theme 2: Pauline Eschatology & Anti-Imperial Rhetoric
Week 11 Theological Theme 3: The New Perspective on Paul
Week 12 Theological Theme 4: Pauline Soteriology
Major Assignment



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