H8531 – Early Monasticism & Literature

H8531 – Early Monasticism & Literature

Unit Code


Unit Name

Early Monasticism (postgraduate)

Unit Weighting

9 Credit Points

Type of Unit


Prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions


Academic Staff

Rev. Fr. Anthony St. Shenouda; BE, University of New South Wales, MA (Coptic Studies) MQ, PhD (Coptic Studies) cand.

Curriculum Objectives

This graduate unit introduces students to the historical context of an important movement in church history that continued to shape Christian spirituality and theology, particularly in the Christian East until present.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:
1) Analyse the cultural background that gave rise to the monastic movement
2) Assess the significance of the various monastic settlements, figures, texts, and spiritual teachings in shaping the monastic movement in the first seven centuries.
3) Critically engage with primary sources in light of their historical context
4) Integrate secondary sources into the critical study of early monasticism
5) Apply aspects of monastic spirituality in personal and contemporary parish life

1) Monastic origins and motivations
2) Monastic settlements and their ways of life
3) Key monastic figures who helped shape monastic spirituality
4) Monastic text and archaeological sites in light of its historical context
5) Understanding monastic spirituality



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