P8501- Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology

P8501- Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology

Unit Code


Unit Name

Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology (postgraduate)

Unit Weighting

9 Credit Points

Type of Unit


Prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions


Academic Staff

Rev Fr. Mark Basily; BE (UNSW), MTh (UON), DMin PTS (cand.)

Curriculum Objectives

This course unit is an introduction to pastoral and practical theology for ministry. It is also an opportunity to overview the biblical and theological foundations of ministry. Common aspects of ministry will be considered.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate advanced knowledge of the contemporary complex issues relating to the practice of pastoral care
  2. present  a critical evaluation of the role of the human sciences in pastoral theology and ministry
  3. apply advanced critical skills and insights of biblical and theological scholarship to the practice of ministry
  4. demonstrate mastery of complex theological reflection in the practice of ministry
  5. use technical and communication skills to independently analyse professional practice.
  6. During this course unit, students may acquire the following threshold concept. This concept is fundamental to a proper understanding of the unit or course. It is essential for further progress in the discipline. It is often troublesome for students:
    1. The interdisciplinary nature of pastoral theology. Evaluation of professional practice
  1.     The theological, epistemological and biblical foundations of pastoral theology
  2.     Aspects of church ministry: Church structures and caring ministry
  3.     Key methodologies: Human sciences
  4.     Developing basic listening skills
  5.     Theological reflection on contemporary pastoral issues
  6.     Methods of ministry and the place of ordination / leadership
Unit Weekly Schedule
Week 1 The Good Shepherd, Ministry of Christ – Biblical foundations:
Week 2 Pastoral Biblical Models – Biblical foundations:
Week 3 Practical Ministry – Aspects of Church Ministry:
Week 4 Spiritual Counselling – Listening Skills
  Critical Article Review
Week 5 Missiology – Key Methodologies:
Week 6 Theological reflection on contemporary pastoral issues – Ministry in a Secular Age:
Week 7 Theological reflection on contemporary pastoral issues – Bioethics for ministry:
Week 8 Patristic Reflection on Ministry:
  Student Presentation
Week 9 Methods of Ministry and the place of ordination – Spiritual Leadership and Authority:
Week 10 Preaching from Scripture and the Fathers – Human Sciences:
Week 11 The art of homiletics – Human Sciences:
Week 12 Scripture – Exegesis for Preaching – Human Sciences:
Major Essay



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