T7101 – Introduction to Theology

Unit Code


Unit Name

Introduction to Theology (undergraduate)

Unit Weighting

9 Credit Points

Type of Unit


Prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions


Academic Staff

Rev Fr. Dr. Daniel Fanous BE (UNSW), MBBS (USYD), MTh (UON), PhD Theology (UON candidate)

Curriculum Objectives

This course unit introduces students into the nature and tasks of theology and to theological methodology. It provides a foundation for all future theology course units.This course unit introduces the very idea of “theology” as the “discourse about God.” It suggests an approach to theology, before moving on to examine central themes in Orthodox Theology. The course will provide students with a well grounded theological framework as they continue in their studies.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and purpose of theology
2. Identify and explain the doctrinal presuppositions that are the foundation for theology
3. Analyse the writing of several theological thinkers and key theological texts, ancient and modern
4. Make use of an appropriate methodology for particular theological tasks
5. Apply the skills of theological reflection to life in the community of faith
Threshold concept to be acquired in this unit
Theology is an engagement with the data of revelation, using reason and the entire conscience of the person as well as prayer.


1. The nature and purpose of theology
2. Overview of history of theology
3. Theological method
4. Presuppositions for doing theology
5. Context for theology
6. The vocation of the theologian

Unit Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Introduction to course unit – Nature and Purpose of Theology
Week 2 The Vocation of the Theologian – The “Way” of Theology
Week 3 Theological Method – The Problem of God
Week 4 Presuppositions for doing theology – God as Tri- Unity
Assignment/Task 1
Week 5 Presuppositions for doing theology – Creatio ex nihilo
Week 6 Presuppositions for doing theology – What is man?
Week 7 Presuppositions for doing theology – The “Sting of Death”
Week 8 Presuppositions for doing theology – Who is Jesus the Christ?
Assignment/Task 2
Week 9 Presuppositions for doing theology – The Church
Week 10 Presuppositions for doing theology – The Mysteries
Week 11 Presuppositions for doing theology – Last Things (the eschaton)
Week 12 Context for Theology – The Orthodox Way
Assignment/Task 3



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