St Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Theological College (SCTC) is a Member Institution of the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD).

Our undergraduate programs (Diploma of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Theology), postgraduate coursework programs (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master of Arts, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Theology), and postgraduate research programs (Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Theology) are accredited theological awards of the SCD and are registered with CRICOS.

The Sydney College of Divinity is approved by the Commonwealth Government as a Higher Education Provider, with access to Fee-HELP, AUSTUDY, and Youth Allowance for eligible students. For more information please see St Cyril’s Fee Schedule and the SCD Student Grievance Policy.

Uniquely, and certainly a world first, St Cyril’s has a Memorandum of Understanding that is between the SCD and Macquarie University (MQ). This allows students from St Cyril’s to study undergraduate or postgraduate units in Coptic language, art/archaeology, and literature, at MQ’s leading-edge Coptic Studies Department as part of their awards; and vice-versa, students from MQ may undertake units in theology at St Cyril’s. For more information as to available units from the MQ Coptic Studies program please see the Academic Calendar; for information on the process of enrollment please see the MQ Applications. For more information on Coptic Studies @ MQ, please see their website.

Students studying at any other recognised tertiary institution or university may be eligible for cross-institutional enrolments. This allows units completed at St Cyril’s to be credited towards undergraduate or postgraduate awards at their own home institution or university. For cross-institutional enrolments, apply here.

We are a member institution of the SCD.
We are a member institution of SCD, through which we offer accredited awards.
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We are a partner with MQ in furthering the Coptic theological tradition.



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